Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Music eBook

Complete Idiot's Guide to Playing Guitar (2nd Edition) eBook
Learn to play the guitar using this quick and easy guide. Whether youdream of playing classical guitar, a B.B. King lick, or just theopening bars to "Stairway to Heaven," this book can get you there. Thiseasy-to-use guide introduces the beginning guitarist to all styles ofplaying, from classical to jazz and pop. Using basic exercises and aselection of popular tunes, it shows how to do everything from readingtablature and chord diagrams to performing simple accompaniment. Thisbook is designed for the child or adult beginner who wants a"user-friendly" introduction to the most popular musical instrument. Itcontains numerous sidebars and illustrations, making learning theguitar fun and easy. Z Features exercises in all styles from classicalto rock and jazz Z Includes checklists of popular books, videos andinstrument dealers, and tips on purchasing and maintaining yourinstrument. Frederick Noad is an expert guitar teacher and author ofdozens of guitar methods, including The Virtual Guitarist, Solo GuitarPlaying and Playing the Guitar, all from Schirmer Books. He is theinventor of Speed Score, the computer notation software and isuniversally known as a master teacher of the instument.

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